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Trees as a Metaphor and Powerful Teacher Reflections from Trish

I am continually reminded of the importance of re-seating ourselves over and over in our Soul’s seat in this time of deep and profound dissolution. As we are called into these ever-deepening layers of surrender, I want to share something quite intimate and sacred to me that has quite honestly saved my life over and over throughout my life. My hope is that it may it be life-giving to you in some way.

I have identified with trees for as long as I can remember & turned to them for guidance and support since I was a child. Solace, protection, wisdom, companionship, is beyond words to adequately describe how much they have and continue to gift me. They taught me how to root into the depths, past the surface layers. This is where I naturally began to learn to draw upon the Grace and Love of the Mother and realize I was a part of Her. I began to learn this from Mother Nature and turning to Mother Earth over and over when nothing else made sense throughout my life.

As a young person, my favorite book was about a child who ran away and made a home deep in the mountains within a partially hollowed out tree. The tree gifted him with protection and sanctuary. He learned and received all he needed to survive and thrive by listening to and interacting with the magnificent gifts within our beloved Mother Earth. In my heart, I have always been that child.

My relationship and consciousness around trees is ever-deepening. To this day, it remains central in my relationship with and understanding of life. The trees have reminded me over and over to remember my body as I expand into the freedom of the skies. They teach me how to respect and integrate my entire being; to ground and root instead of escaping or splitting off. They model how to surrender the old into our Mother’s deep dark composting soils as a primary source of nourishment and expansiveness.

The beloved trees show us how to breath into and draw from the source of Her vast depths. There is no effort here, the vastness of the Universe is all here within. No need to seek elsewhere. The inner rings of our tree resonate and echo the wisdom of composted experiences and tap into the Divine knowledge of Life itself. It is all right here and we are organically a part of all of it.

My prayer is that we have the courage to journey into these deepening layers of waking up and self-healing that these times are demanding of us. May we remember how this inner movement ripples out and nourishes all of life we are rooted in. May we feel how we are held and supported so tenderly within this profound Grace. Nothing less is called for us in this moment.

All my love to you,


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