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Create a Mini-Cosmos from the Forest with Debi

An intimate green glimpse beneath our feet.

This craft was learned from my city-raised mother, on our Kenai River homestead.

After Easter and before wildflowers are available, soothe our human yearning for soft green and growing by creating a small dish-garden of mosses for your table centerpiece. Use a magnifying glass to really see this miraculous miniature cosmos.

Instructions --

Any shallow saucer or plate will work as long as it is “water-proof.” You may add some broken charcoal, sand, or soil. Then go out exploring on a woodsy trail and collect a small gathering of different mosses. Try to get a portion of what they are growing on. Old stumps and downed trees are a good place to look. How about around the north side of your house? Please don’t take more than you’ll use. Moss is a precious part of our ecosystem.

Bed them gently into your dish. Be creative and use imagination, add a beautiful twig, some beads, a tiny ceramic critter. Beach glass, or a piece of broken mirror can create a wee “pond.” Beach pebbles or small sea shells are also fun to arrange.

If you have children, this makes a good “story-starter,” or writing prompt. Even a science/biology project. Invite the world inside, or find a shady space outdoors for your garden. Don’t forget to spritz with water. Mosses prefer moist and shaded.

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