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Becoming Our Best During This Covid-19 Experience by Kate Finn

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Wow here we are, living the famous Chinese saying: “May we live in interesting times”. So, how are we going to BE in it??

While I am not, consciously, in charge of all that life presents to me, I accept that I am fully responsible for my experience of what shows up, by making choices every moment. In holding this attitude I found that instead of making me anxious or annoyed, as i thought these “restrictions” on my life might feel, i have found it liberating in many ways. My time, my interactions, my daily responsibilities and expectations have all been altered, opening up to a new way of being, letting old habits fall away.

I love this quote from Sri Harold Klemp (the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar): “Fear is a condenser; Love, an expander. This means that fear can create a world as small as a thimble, while love is able to grow us into the fullness of living”.

What an amazing thing. I feel like we are being offered the opportunity to re-invert ourselves. While so much is topsy-turvy, and unpredictable, silver linings keep showing up. One of them for me is that space is opened up for unusual, creative, & unexpected solutions to emerge, without the usual resistance——what a gift to be alive for this! SO, let’s choose Love and grow into the fullness of living! Many spiritual sounds are known to elevate the human consciousness. The sound i choose to sing, is HU. It is an ancient and sacred name for God, from the highest spiritual planes.

This sound resonates with each of us, because as Soul we are that sound, we are this consciousness, and singing the HU brings our attention to the Divine Love that we already are, to grow our awareness and acceptance of this, our true nature.

So as the chaos and angst abound, I can choose to hold my balance by remembering I am directly a part of the source of all Divine Love and keeping my attention on the bigger picture, which to me means finding the spiritual potential in this overall global event, and most especially in the details that make up each moment of the my life. Singing the HU is my spiritual life-line. It opens my spiritual eyes and ears, so i can more fully participate in the spiritual unfoldment possible at this time.

We are all in this together, and it is an honor to move through this experience with all of you, awake and ready to grow, each doing our part, as best we can, to shine Divine Love’s light……everywhere!

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Baraka Bashad—May the Blessings Be

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