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Britt Explores the idea of "Right Use of Energy" from Yogic Teachings

Everything in moderation, including moderation.” –Julia Child Brahmacharya, a Sanskrit word and part of the Yamas and Niyamas (yogas ethical practices), describes living a life in moderation and non-excess in all things. It’s widely interpreted to mean, the right use of energy. It’s all about learning how to provide your body and mind what it wants and needs within healthy limits. During the winter months we tend to comfort ourselves in a bit of excess; continuing to eat even though you feel full, sleeping longer hours/staying up late or being inactive due to more time indoors and the overuse of technology. With the transition of spring happening now, this can help bring gentleness into your life and help put Brahmacharya into practice. Start by setting positive limits and intentions. For example, during the recent quarantine in place, many of us have been home bound. With warmer temperatures and the melted snow, it’s a great time to get outdoors in the fresh air. Set time aside each day to move your body and let the energy flow. Spring also brings new growth and the buzz of fresh food. Switch up your diet by including lighter foods such as greens, fresh vegetables and herbal teas. Remember to eat slowly and listen to your body as to not overeat. Moderation is key. For some of us, technology is a big part of working from home and staying connected while keeping a physical distance right now. Try to limit screen time and take breaks away from the screen throughout the day. Regular sleep and wake times will help you find a pattern that reflects nature and the returning of the light. Most of all be kind and gentle with yourself!

In Love & Solidarity, Britt Huffman

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