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Adapting to a New Landscape of Life by Anna

When I think about the current moment, I can't help but remember the wildfires that ravaged the Kenai Peninsula late last summer filled our lungs with smoke and caused the roads to close. Now, where there had been ferocious flame and smoke and fear, there are morel mushrooms and wide open vistas. I've eaten some of these delicious mushrooms that grew from the ashes of last year's fire, and it helps me to think of how these treasures arose from something that was very destructive. They require those specific conditions to exist. In nature we can observe the powerful cycles of destruction and regrowth. 

There are many things happening on the local and global level that feel on par with a barely contained wildfire. So, at the moment we ground ourselves in the knowledge that we are a middle of that intensity. There are so many powerful lessons to be learned, so much dissolution. It is time for patience and for seeing things as they really are. 

It has always been our mission here at Many Rivers is to help support you as you go through it. 

So, although we are not ready to open up the space, we are still here for you offer guided sessions in Yoga and meditation.  Asia, Anna and the Floating Leaf Sangha are still offering sessions on Zoom. 

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