Art Barn

The Art Barn History and Purposes

This is a 30' x 30' open space building that was originally built in the early 1940's by the US military. The walls are in 4' x 10' sections finished with tongue and groove siding. The floor is in 4' x 8' fir surfaced sections. The sections were originally barged to Homer and put together by the Territorial Road Commission to be used first as a mess hall for road workers and then a s a 'dock high' storage facility. It was located next to what is now Kachemak Bowl. After the 1964 earthquake it was sold and moved to Modern Builders (which is now Spenard Builders) for use as their paint storage facility.

In 1979 it was purchased for use as a foreign movie showplace and moved by Ron Gordon and Red Eric to within 8' of its present location. A 10' x 30' addition was built in 1985. In 1998 it was given new life when the foundation and supporting beams were replaced by Mike Kennedy. Additionally the floor was leveled, the electrical system upgraded, the inside finished and repainted, and a new entryway and porch were added.

The Barn has a varied past. It has been used as a machine and wood working shop, a foreign movie showplace, dance and rehearsal studio, workshop and poetry reading, drum making, performance space continues in that community spirit today. 

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